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To hundreds of thousands of devotees the AGA is not simply a cooker but a way of life. AGA owners adore their cookers and find it difficult to imagine life without them.

There is no other household appliance that generates this kind of emotion or loyalty – and certainly none that lasts as long. For generations people have enjoyed the gentle warmth the AGA cooker provides and the feeling it creates in a home.

The simple fact is that the AGA is an amazing cooker – easy to use, a joy to live with and a great addition to any home. And, of course it produces great food!

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Available in 16 colours, the AGA 60 is everything you would expect from an AGA, but wrapped up in a smaller package. At just 60cm wide – the same size as a slot-in cooker or a standard kitchen unit – it’s perfect for small spaces.

The AGA 60 couldn’t be easier to use. With one control knob for the hotplates and another for the ovens, the cooker has been designed with simplicity in mind. The top roasting/baking oven can be programmed and can have up to three events programmed per day.

In roasting mode, the top oven grills, roasts and bakes bread beautifully.

In baking mode, the top oven provides a perfect heat for baking cakes and biscuits cooking fish, lasagne or a shepherd’s pie. And cooking sweet and savoury dishes together is no problem as the flavours do not mix.

The simmering oven is ideal for slow cooking, allowing flavours to develop and making even the toughest meats tender.

Available in 16 colours, and 6 different sizes – 90cm to 170cm. This is the first AGA collection to feature models that combine both cast-iron radiant heat cooking and conventional cooking, so they take flexibility to a whole new level. The mix of ovens, hotplates and an induction hob means you have a cooker for all seasons and one that makes it very easy to manage energy usage. 

All eR3 Series models have two cast-iron ovens, one that can be used for roasting or baking, the other for simmering. They cook using gentle radiant heat emitted from the cast iron, ensuring food tastes amazing and all the flavour and goodness is locked in.

The cast-iron ovens are designed to be left on when you want gentle AGA warmth in the kitchen or switched off when you don’t.

AGA eR3 Series cookers also have an independently heated warming oven, with the 90cm and 150cm models having a tall version complete with a plate rack.

Available in 16 colours, there’s a 3 oven 100cm model, or 5 oven 150cm model.  For the rolls-royce specification, you can even add an integrated gas or electric module. The top of the range AGA eR7 series cooks with the same gentle radiant heat as the traditional models. The difference is found underneath the enamelled exterior, where state of the art technology is hard at work. The capacitance touch screen control panel with LED lighting digitally controls the three cast iron ovens giving more accurate temperature control.

The new eR7 has 9 pre-set cooking temperatures in the Roasting and Baking Ovens (5 in the Roasting and 4 in the Baking) taking the temperature from very hot at R9 to cool at B1, giving the greatest flexibility yet with your AGA cooker.

The eR7 comes in either 3 oven or 5 oven models and both can have an integrated gas or electric module giving you further flexibility and year round control.


Shropshire Colebrookdale

300 YEARS AGO...

1709 was the year at AGA’s foundry in Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire, UK, when Abraham Darby first smelted iron ore with coke – primarily to make cast-iron cooking pots.  His innovation triggered the entire Industrial Revolution – hence the foundry is globally acknowledged to be the birthplace of industry.

AGA and it’s predecessor company has made cooking pots there for 300 years, progressing into the production of solid fuel fires and cast-iron ranges. The tradition continued after the Second World War with the introduction of the famous AGA cookers.

The Ironbridge Gorge became one of the first World Heritage Sites in the UK.


The AGA cooker is unlike any other household appliance. Because of its renowned longevity (there are thousands of AGA cookers still working perfectly after 30 years or more) you’ll never, for example, find an AGA cooker on a landfill site and retired AGA cookers almost always go on to help create something new.

That’s because every AGA is almost completely recyclable. Since the very first model was made over 90 years ago, a large proportion of each AGA has been made from used material. Car gearboxes, guttering, old machinery, cast-iron cookers, door fittings, drain covers, lamp-posts and much more can all be found in the world’s most famous cooker.


Every AGA cooker comes with a sense of history built in and is manufactured to the same exacting standards that have ensured the AGA cooker’s place as one of our most trusted and most cherished British brands.

Molten iron is poured into moulds and every cast is then hand-dressed, heat treated to 800 degrees Celsius and shot-blasted clean. It’s this technique that gives the castings their characteristic surface – each one is unique.

Each AGA cooker is then coated in a gleaming vitreous enamel finish…


While most cookers are spray painted in minutes, the AGA cooker’s multiple protective coats of vitreous enamel take three days and three separate firings to complete. It is this painstaking enamelling process that helps ensure the working life of an AGA cooker is measured not in years, but in decades.

The exterior enamelled parts on AGA cookers are individually crafted and hand- finished at our factory in Shropshire, making each one unique. It is also in part the enamel that gives it a character all of its own. Slight variations in the surface finish are usually found and the colour can look different throughout the day as the light in the kitchen changes and when the cooker heats up.

It is differences like these that set the AGA apart from the uniformity of mass- produced cookers and places it in a class of its own.


AGA food tastes better simply because an AGA cooks better, using gentle, radiant heat to retain the food’s natural goodness and flavour.

The heat steadily radiates through the ovens and hotplates, creating dedicated cooking zones at pre-set temperatures for ease, convenience and stress-free use. Heat is transferred to the cast-iron ovens and released steadily from all the inner surfaces simultaneously. This radiant heat cooking is an altogether gentler process than the fierce hot air of conventional cookers and is the reason AGA cooking preserves more of the food’s moisture, flavour, texture and goodness.

The high level of insulation within the outer casing and each hotplate lid ensures fuel is used economically. With our new electric models, you can choose to have your AGA cooker on when you need it and off when you don’t.